Thursday, March 12, 2009

First scholar named

Sue and I just finished our discussion, and named our first Udall Scholar. It's one we feel good about -- not as many qualifications as some others we might see, but an outstanding person who meets the criteria, and who we think will make the most of the opportunity.

The region we read was pretty weak, overall, and we actually thought about not naming a scholar from this region, but Sue framed the argument in such a way that we both ended up convinced that this person really does have the Udall qualities we're looking for. We were more likely to have named this student as an honorable mention, but we didn't have any to give for this region -- and we hated to see this student not get anything.

Sue has brought her A game. She's a great person to work with -- smart, and a great memory for each file, and she reads fast but thoroughly. And she's already on to the next batch of files, so I better go join her.

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