Thursday, March 12, 2009

Closing down for the night

Sue won. Ok, I let her. She felt more strongly about it than I did. For those of you out there thinking, "Did my nominee just not get the Udall because Doug didn't stand up to Sue?" please rest assured -- both candidates are from the same institution.

A few thoughts before we end for the night:

Another "Senator" Udall! And from an otherwise well-qualified candidate. Probably wouldn't have won even without that mistake, but that error definitely put it in my "no" pile.

FacReps -- when you input the student data into the Udall website, be sure you get it right. Jane and Mia try to double-check all of your facts, but occasionally some of us get some of the details wrong, and it gets missed when they are trying to make sure that 514 files are complete on a short timeline. State of residence is a biggie -- some people need to learn their state abbreviations better. This is particularly problematic because files are read by geographic regions. I'm not going into details, but this caused a kerfuffle today and perhaps led to some regions being less competitive and others being more competitive, which means that perhaps the outcomes would have been different if the facreps got their state abbreviations right. Especially when it is your home state.

Last -- a little feedback, please? No comments on the blog yet, and one email today. Is this helpful? Anyone reading? Any questions? What else do you need? More Ann Brown stories?

I'm about ready to shut it down. I've read 37 files today -- 3 regions, and started a fourth -- in about 10 hours of reading. That's a little less than 20 minutes/file, including deliberation time and blogging hours. Pretty good rate. I left my camera cord in my room, so I'll post some photos later. Exciting action shots of people reading.

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  1. Doug --

    I'm reading -- just not in real time! It's great.

    I hope to God we didn't have a Senator Udall. With one applicant, we debated "congressman" vs. "representative." (She wanted to just call him Udall to save words, but I put the kabosh on that!