Thursday, March 12, 2009

Exciting action shots of people reading

This is what 514 applications look like. Go ahead -- count 'em.

The room where all the magic happens. It's called the Canyon Room, and those doors at the back open onto a lovely porch.

The view from the porch. Isn't that a lovely, inspiring view for chosing future environmental and tribal leaders?

NAFAn Jeanne Ware (New College of FL) and Matt McMahon ('03 & '03 Scholar, now a grad student at Princeton) make final decisions about their region, just outside of the Canyon Room

Sue Kissinger (Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and my reading partner) and Bryan Mercier ('03 Intern, recently with the Treasury dept.) take advantage of the porch to read files.

Renae Steichen ('04 and '05 Scholar, now at the DOJ) and Joe Bowersox (Willamette, as his tshirt points out) delve into their files.

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  1. I would like to add that while the vistas, weather and amenities were absolutely wonderful, we certainly were not "living high on the hog". I echo Doug's commentary in what it really means to be a reviewer. For me, I am a very slow reader and felt obligated to really read every word on those applications so I opted (as did Matt) to do "optional" reading one night which meant literally a 14 hour day. I did so with a huge sense of responsibility both as a Faculty Rep who puts so much time into my applicants and as the Reviewer to choose.